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ISO 3166-2 Newsletter Number I-9 was published on 2007-11-28.

It adds the names of the country, and of its divisions, in nine other South African languages. The City of Tshwane Metropolitan Municipality was created on 2000-12-05, by merging a number of smaller entities, including the Greater Pretoria Metropolitan Council.

She used to pronounce her name with three syllables: Ireenee, it is still pronounced like this today.

Nellmapius often entertained at the Irene Estate in a grand style; a frequent guest was Transvaal president, Paul Kruger.

I updated the populations to the 2011 census results as given in source [2].

Source [3] explained why the areas of the provinces have changed; I used the new areas in the main table below.

Irene was the site of one of the more than forty concentration camps where the British imprisoned the Boer (Afrikaner) women and children, whose homes had been destroyed as part of the British Army's 'scorched earth' policy during the Second Anglo-Boer War (1899-1902).

The South Africa Geographical Names Council approved this change of name on 2005-05-26.Doornkloof became known as the "kerkplaas" of the district.When Daniel died in 1875 he left the farm to his three sons.Nellmapius renamed the farm Irene Estate, after his daughter Irene Violet Nellmapius.Irene is derived from the Greek word meaning peace.

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